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PhD Exams: Language Exams

Language Exams Information

  • Language exams last for 3 hours. Your time will not start until after you have logged in and established your identity with the Examity proctor.
  • All programs require demonstrated proficiency in at least two languages. Some or all of your language requirements may be met through coursework rather than proctored exams. In some cases, research methods may substitute for languages. Consult the catalog, the registrar, and your advisor. Language exams may be taken at any point during your program.
  • Exams in French, German, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Latin, Spanish, and Korean do not require faculty approval.
  • For other languages, students are responsible for finding a qualified grader, and faculty approval is required. For other languages, you must have the agreement of your grader before you book the exam. Contact the Exams Coordinator for more information.
  • Study texts for German, French, Spanish, and Korean exams are available on physical reserve at the Mark O. Hatfield Library. Contact the Exams Coordinator for a list of study books, and for lists of study texts for Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek exams.
  • If faculty approval is required, the Exams Coordinator will contact your advisor. If approval is required, it must be on file before you can take your exam.

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