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Directions for NOAA National Data Center (NNDC): Atmospheric & Climate (Local)

Direction for the Local Climate Data Online Database (NOAA)

 Even though the NOAA National Data Center (NNDC) Climate Data Online database is more involved, don't let it intimidate you! This system allows for selection of data for a station or multiple stations for time periods you select. The elements provided are precipitation, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, snowfall, and snow depth (data from each station varies).  Here is how to use it:


1. For specific local climate data, go to the Station Locator. Enter the city and state names.


2. Select the station you want by clicking its linked name.  Hint: Airports usually have the best data.


3. Click the Data Inventory link to view available data sets.


4. Select the data sets you want by clicking DAT (e.g. daily surface data or monthly totals).


5.On the next page, you'll click Simplified Options.


6. Select your date ranges.


7.Check the Inventory Review box, enter your email and continue.


8. Almost done! You'll receive an email after a few minutes. I suggest clicking the ext (.txt) link in ASCII instead of the html link. 


9. Save the web page as a text file (.txt). When you save the web page as a text file, you'll ultimately save yourself a lot of work by just opening it in tabs Delimited in Excel.


10. Open the file through Excel. A box will automatically pop up asking if you want the file delimited, which means the fields are somehow separated. Select the Delimited option.


11. On the next page, make sure that the commas and tabs boxes are selected. This is the way that the computer can recognize how to separate the columns & rows. Click next and then finish. This will give you the data in a normal Excel spreadsheet.

Cumulonimbus Sunset

Cumulonimbus Sunset
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