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HOOVERS DIRECTORY bundle of 6 databases: Why 6 resources from HOOVERS directory database?

WHY 6 Resources from HOOVERS directory/database?

Hoovers Directory Database is produced by Dun & Bradstreet / Avention.

This database is actually a bundle of 6 business oriented resources offering:

"Dynamic search and list-building capabilities, real-time trigger alerts, comprehensive company profiles, and valuable research and technology reports to help sellers get in the door first with higher quality sales leads and deeper company intelligence at their fingertips, sellers will be empowered to spend less time searching and more time selling."

Hoover’s - Online Business Network

            In addition to using this database to obtain snapshot sized profiles of individual companies, Hoovers Online offers the ability to determine a handful of major competitors in the same industry.  This continually updated database offers basic services free to anyone.  A number of features are only accessible if you purchase your personal subscription to Hoovers.  The information obtained from the free side of this database should open doors for further research that you can then perform on other resources.

            Start out by telling HOOVERS that you are looking for a Company.  You can search either a stock ticker symbol, or a company's name. Large corporations will often have multiple entries for various divisions & similarly named operating units.  Some companies formally include “THE” as part of their name, which happens to be the case with the parent company of Fred Meyer Stores, “The Kroger Company”.  Publicly traded firms will have substantially more information available.  You should use the tab called “Products & Operations” to make sure that a company you select has the products, services and brand names that you are relevant to your needs.

            There can be as many as 14 options to explore under the tab called “Financials”.  When you request Financials, most of the data elements a maximum of 5 years for each pre-programmed set of data elements.  If you click on Income Statement you can get over 20 data elements that can go back either 5 years, or 5 quarters.  Likewise, the Balance Sheet option and the Cash Flow option can each go back either 5 years, or 5 quarters. 

            You can also find additional data & ratios under the tab called “Financial Health”, while “Ratio Comparisons” show a company side by side with its Industry aggregate and its Sector aggregate.

Some of the unique features offered by HOOVERS for publicly traded companies & for some privately owned corporations are:

  • Email addresses & phone numbers for key contact people within the firm (by name, by title, or by function)
  • Competitors that are either functionally similar or geographically nearby
  • Full text access to news about the company and major competitors from a large variety of news sources including trade & industry publications, trade & industry websites, wire services and press releases.


Additional unique features offered by HOOVERS only for publicly traded companies:

  • Ful text access to independent 3rd party analytical reports prepared by such organizations as: Deutsche Bank; Guggenheim Securities; J.P.Morgan;  Nomura Securities; Oppenheimer; RBC Capital Markets; Susquehanna Financial Group and Wedbush Securities .
  • Income statements; balance sheets; and cash flow statements (annually & quarterly).
  • Revenues broken out by major countries/continents & also by major business segments
  • "Financial Health" provides 13 key financial indicators, 11 key financial ratios and 6 stock market derived data elements/ratios

Gary Klein (librarian for AGSM)