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Dissertations & DMin Projects: Step #7: Submission

Final Submission Overview

Students are not permitted to change their dissertations once they have been submitted for preservation. Please only submit your finalized version, i.e., the one approved by the Thesis Secretary.

Submissions for preservation are due on the same day that grades are due for graduating students. See the academic calendar for this year's date.

Once you have Thesis Secretary approval and in order to complete all the requirements of your degree program, you will fill out two online forms:

1) SED (Survey of Earned Doctorates). Go to this website, register for a unique login, and then fill out the online SED Form. When you are finished you will receive a certificate indicating your completion of the survey. You will submit this certificate along with your draft in the form to the right.

2) The Dissertation Submission Form on this page. At the end of the form, there will be a button to submit your dissertation in PDF format, as well as another button to submit any additional files (e.g., video or audio files) to accompany your dissertation. If you have any difficulties with uploading these files, please email the Theology Librarian, at, to make other arrangements.

Submission FAQ

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Final Submission Form