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Dissertations & DMin Projects: Step #6: Final Draft


Congratulations on arriving at this pivotal moment in your progress towards your degree! 

Before you can turn in your final draft, you need approvals from your committee and the Thesis Secretary. You also need to make sure it meets the correct formatting guidelines and is clean, proofread, and complete.

Start with the appropriate template in the Templates box below. Those templates contain the front matter for your thesis, such as the title page and committee page. Paste the template onto the beginning of your thesis, and then go to the Formatting subpage of this tab for the formatting requirements and some tips.

Remember: You must submit your dissertation on time, with correct formatting and approvals, before you can graduate and be included in the degree list. Check the due dates in the box below and on CST's Academic Calendar.


These templates are designed to help students with the formatting of the dissertation's or project thesis's front matter. Simply fill out the template and paste or begin typing the text of your dissertation on the pages that follow. To correctly format the Table of Contents, see the instructions here or search for instructions that cover your word processing program.

For Korean Contexts Students

Unlike the Mentoring and SRCPSL DMin programs, the DMin in Practical Theology of Conflict, Healing and Transformation in Korean Contexts is primarily conducted in Korean. Thus, the final draft of the practical research project must be proofread by a Korean speaker, who will be assigned by the faculty. The final proofreading is based on the format set by the school, and the school introduces the proofreader to the student, but the DMin student is responsible for paying for proofreading services. The school will receive confirmation of final draft approval from the program director. For information about proofreading fees, please email

Final Draft Process, Forms, & Deadlines

The approval process is:

  1. Students revise based on advisor and committee feedback.
  2. Upon completion of the final draft, students send that draft to the entire committee for their approval and ensure that all necessary signatures on the relevant draft approval form are obtained. Please find below links to these forms by program.
  3. Once all committee members have signed off on the final draft, students email the final draft and the scanned and signed approval form to the Thesis Secretary. Within two weeks of receipt, the Thesis Secretary will respond and let students know what steps are needed for Thesis Secretary approval (e.g., a consultation, editorial corrections, etc.). When these steps are completed, the Thesis Secretary will sign the draft approval form. Essentially, the Thesis Secretary requires a final draft that is free of any kind of plagiarism or fair use copyright violations, is accurate in form and style, has a relatively small number of obvious errors, and is formatted properly for submission in the CST institutional repository.
  4. Once all committee and Thesis Secretary signatures are on the form, students must send the form and a copy of the final draft to the registrar for circulation to the committee. This is separate from Step 7 of this Guide. Do not skip Step 7.

  Due Date Form
PhD (All Programs) April 1 Dissertation Final Draft Approval
DMin (All Programs) April 1 Mentoring DMin or SRCPSL or Practical Theology