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Dissertations & DMin Projects: Step #5: Defense

Scheduling the Defense

Generally, DMin students are not required to defend their projects in the same way as PhD students. DMin students in the SRCPSL program are required to give a presentation during the January intensive week. DMin students in the Mentoring program are also required to give an oral presentation. Students should discuss the requirements of their program with their faculty.

PhD students should schedule the dissertation defense with their advisors and committee members and get their signatures on Form 9 (Approval of Dissertation Defense Date). Once all these parties arrive at an agreeable date and time, the student may book the room. Make sure to include any accessibility or technological needs in the room booking. Defenses may also be held over Zoom. In that case, booking is not necessary, and the committee chair should originate the Zoom meeting. Once these steps are completed, students should get the signature of the Academic Dean and finally submit the form to the Registrar.

It is best to book your defense date as early as possible. Room bookings may fill up quickly for in-person defenses, and some faculty may be serving on multiple committees.

Day of the Defense

On the day of the Defense, be sure to bring the Defense approval form appropriate to your program.

Degree Form
PhD Practical Theology Practical Theology Defense Approval Form
PhD Religion Religion Defense Approval Form
Mentoring DMin and PT DMin DMin Presentation Approval Form