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Curriculum Collection: Main

What is the Curriculum Collection? Where can I find it?

Browsing Materials by Library of Congress Call Letters

Where is the Curriculum Collection?

Located on the First floor of the Hatfield Library, behind the librarians' office, and next to the windows facing towards the parking lot (depicted by the area in yellow):

What is in the Currciulum Collection?

Curriculum Collection is a special area of the Hatfield Library dedicated to the special needs of Education students & teachers.

There are a variety of book written for children that are shelved in the Curriculum Collection:

  • Childrens large sized "read aloud" & picture books
  • Childrens & young adult fiction books
  • Childrens & young adult non-fiction books

All materials within the Curriculum Collection are shelved according to the Library of Congress Call Letter system.

The major types of materials which are not housed in this special Curriculum Collection, but which are found in other areas of the Hatfield Library include:

All video recordings, all government documents, and all journals

Books focusing on the following aspects of education are shelved on the 2nd floor of the Hatfield Library:

  • Philosophies of learning / Paradigms of learning / Theories / Theorists
  • Research methodologies
  • Statistics
  • Historical & legal analysis
  • Public policy

Gary Klein (Reference Librarian)

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