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Finding Newspaper Articles

Finding Local Newspaper Articles

Salem, Portland & Eugene Newspapers

Most local newspapers do not participate in multi-publication indexing projects, so you will need to search each local newspaper's website separately.  Most newspapers only provide free access for a limited time

Salem’s Statesmen-Journal (daily, focus on Marion & Polk counties)

Salem Business Journal (monthly, focus on businesses in Marion & Polk counties)

Salem Weekly: (weekly, focus on Salem and Marion & Polk counties)

Portland Business Journal (weekly, focus on Portland & Vancouver)

Portland Mercury (weekly, focus on Portland)

Portland Tribune (weekly, focus on Portland)

Willamette Week Magazine: (weekly, focus on Portland)

OregonLive: selective online news from the Oregonian (daily, focus on Portland)

Oregon Business magazine (monthly, focus on statewide businesses):
            Use the REGIONAL BUSINESS NEWS from Hatfield Library's database collection

Eugene’s Register Guard (daily, covers Eugene, Springfield and Lane county)
            Use the REGISTER GUARD Index from Hatfield Library's database collection

Eugene Weekly (weekly, focus on Eugene)

Finding National & International Newspaper Articles


National Newspapers

New York Times (1980 - present)
            Photographs and other graphics are not included; only the text is made available. 

New York Times Historical (1851 - 2006)
            Photographs and other graphs are included with searchable full text back to the first issue.

Newspaper Source (1984- present)
            Contains articles from 143 regional newspapers, mostly from the USA. 

Wall Street Journal (1980 - present)
            Comprehensive coverage from the world's leading financial and business newspaper.

Master File Premier (various dates)
            Popular magazines typically found in public libraries & family reading collections.

Academic Search Premier (various dates)
            Academic oriented magazines, with some overlap of popular resources.

Business Source Premier (various dates)
            Mix of trade magazines, professional magazines & academic business publications.

International Newspapers

Lexis Nexis Academic (1980 - present)
            Photographs and other graphics are not included; only the text is made available. 

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