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BIOL 244: Physiological Dynamics of Animals: Main

Dr. Emma Coddington

Image of Professor Emma Coddington

Course Description

This course explores the commonalities in animal and plant physiology ranging from the roles of hormones and solute transport to exchange of respiratory gases. Lecture and laboratory activities focus attention on the integration of functional qualities from the molecular to the organ-system levels of organization.

Historically this course was built by two physiologists: one a plant physiologist (Dr. Gary Tallman) and the other a comparative animal physiologist (Dr. Scott Hawke).  The course was called PDAP:  Physiological Dynamics of Animals And Plants. Dr. Emma Coddington is the resident comparative physiologist and neuroscientist in the Biology Department, and PDAP has shifted to be centered squarely only on comparative physiology of animals (PDA Physiological Dynamics of Animals).

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