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ARTH: Art History Research Workshop: Getting Started

The Fame Factor

The first question you need to ask yourself about the artist you are researching is how famous is he/she? 

If the artist is very famous, and usually dead, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso, then you can start with traditional research tools, such as the major encyclopedia of Art History, Grove Art Online. Then you can use the major Art History Indexes, such as Art Full Text and the Bibliography of the History of Art.  And finally, you can expand your search to library catalogs, Google Books and Google Scholar.

However, if your artist is not famous, maybe young and still alive, you will need to look local and regional sources and dig around in the "deep web."

Reference Resources

Listed on this page are key reference resources that provide a general overview of a topic or help identify synonyms, related terms, or basic data. These sources often include references and lists of further readings.

Regional Art History Reference Books

Major Art History Reference Books

Specialized Reference Books

Humanities and Fine Arts Librarian

Online Reference Books

Photography Reference Books